The Shuffle has been Shuffled.

Well, after months of preparation, I can officially say that I am a runner. On Saturday, I participated in the 2010 Santa Shuffle in support of the Salvation Army. While some people may not think a simple 5k run is a big deal, it is a huge deal for me. Ten months ago, I was 320+ pounds, horrible unhealthy and ridiculously out of shape. I still have a ways to go, but on Saturday I proved that change is possible. I am creeping ever close to the elusive “100 pounds lost” club, and now that my first run is behind me, I’m already looking for my next challenge: a 10k.

I participated with six friends, so that made the day all that more fun.  We had a surprise when some of our group presented the rest of us with Santa suits to wear for the run.  It added a very fun touch, and we received many compliments from other participants.  The whole event had a great atmosphere, and I will definitely do this run again in the future.

I set four goals for myself. The first was to actually finish the run. The second was to not come in last place. The third was to finish in less than 40 minutes. The fourth was a private goal, and that was to actually finish the run in less than 35 minutes.  Well, I am pleased to say that I accomplished all of those goals.  My 5k times was clocked at 34:58.

The weather was great for the run.  Although the forecast called for about -15C at race time, it had warmed up to about -9C.  Beautiful sunny skies made it feel a bit warmer, and once we all got running, the only part of me that was cold was my nose.  There were about 800 participants, and I heard that over $34,000 was raised for the Salvation Army’s Christmas Campaign.  Thank you to everyone who supported me or someone else who ran in this event.   I was able to raise $1020 by race time, and another $160 has come in since (better late than never, right?).


~ by Kevin Wilson on December 5, 2010.

6 Responses to “The Shuffle has been Shuffled.”

  1. Way to go, Kevin!!! You worked really hard for this and should feel really proud of all you’ve accomplished!!! I like how you continue to set further goals too and am cheering you on as you train for your 10K. Keep on running!

  2. Yes. totally proud of you!!! YIPEE! You did it!

    On another note- why did your blog change? It’s ticking me off. If I click into your blog it goes to the first blog you wrote- you used to have them listed on the side and then you could pick which one to read- now it goes the first one and you have to click the bottom of each page until you get to the most recent. Needless to say it’s kinda annoying L.

    A fun weekend though! New Years will also be a blast! 🙂

  3. I don’t know why you’re having issues… I opened the blog in all three of my browsers and it comes up to the most recent post all the time… maybe something in your cookies? Do Macs have cookies? Mmmm… cookies…. I will try and figure out how to at least get them all listed on the side again.

  4. There it should be fixed now for the side bar. Did you bookmark the page? If you did, maybe make sure the bookmark always goes to and not a specific post?

  5. What a fabulous post Kevin. I’m so incredibly proud of you! What a year 2010 has been. I’m looking forward to watching you reach your weight loss goal as well as your fitness goals in 2011. Well done on the Santa Shuffle – really impressed with your 4 goals. You achieved all of them! Love you!

    Tiz ❤

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