So many changes…

In previous posts, I have talked about needing/wanting to make changes to my life.  I am pleased to announce two more have taken place (or, rather, are in the process of taking place and almost complete).

The first is that I have found an apartment in Calgary.  I have lived in Medicine Hat for a number of years, and feel that moving to a larger centre will allow me to accomplish more of the things I want. The apartment itself is nothing special, but the neighbourhood has a fantastic view of downtown (I’m sure I’ll be posting photos on this blog).

Calgary, here I come

Rendering of how Calgary's skyline will appear once all current projects are completed

I officially started my new position on Thursday.  I am the new Retail Manager for Compass Group Canada at Suncor’s Firebag site.  However, I am still doing the majority of my work in the housing department until they find my replacement.  I hope it’s very soon, because I am definitely ready for a change.

Once in full swing, I will be managing the new Tim Hortons outlet and the new Nicholby’s convenience store outlets that will be built on site.  I have retail experience already, but this will certainly be a welcome and interesting change/challenge.  I will need to attend training sessions in the Toronto area in the new year, and look forward to learning lots of new things.


~ by Kevin Wilson on December 12, 2010.

6 Responses to “So many changes…”

  1. Thats so awesome! Welcome to Calgary too by the way. I’ll send the welcome wagon your way. HA!

  2. Is that really the Tim’s your going to work at? or did you steal the pic from somewhere? cuz it looks nice! Anyways I’m excited about CALGARY YAY – we need to do some touristy things…like taking you to Banker’s Hall 😉 just kidding.

  3. No, that’s just a photo of a Tim’s that was “coming soon.” And yes, there are a bunch of touristy things I’ve still not done. I’ve been to the zoo, aviation museum, bunch of art galleries downtown, etc. I’ve never been to Bankers Hall (LOL) or to Heritage Park or Fort Calgary or Zoo Lights.

  4. Or the towers glass floor?!

  5. Oh yeah I’ve done the floor too. Rolled all over it in fact.

  6. You need a new Post!!! You are as bad as John for blogging 😉

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