I’ll show you a way to save the earth…

I don’t usually post stuff like this on my blog, but I saw something last night while browsing at a Chapters book store that made me incredibly angry.  I knew right away I needed to blog about it!

Don’t get me wrong, I think being environmentally “friendly” is important.  I do, however, have very strong opinions about groups such as GreenPeace, PETA, Al Gore and his band of merry followers, etc.  But all those aside, I hate hypocrisy.  I stumbled upon a book entitled “365 ways to save the earth.”  A great concept – a different idea for every day of the year that can make the earth a better place to live.  Who can argue with that?  What infuriated me is the book itself… it’s massive!  I wish I could have weighed it, because it was ridiculous (see photos below).  And when you open it up, every other page is a glossy photo.  The page opposite each glossy photo contains the day’s idea.  None of them seem to fill a whole page.  So my thing is…WHAT A WASTE!!!!  A waste of paper, of ink, of fuel to transport the oversized monstrosities… goodness gracious!  Hypocrisy at its finest.  Al Gore would be proud.


~ by Kevin Wilson on January 5, 2011.

2 Responses to “I’ll show you a way to save the earth…”

  1. LOL – that was awesome- sort of.

  2. That is quite the oxymoron!

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