Hogtown, here I come…

Ever wonder how cities get their nicknames?  Calgary is called “Cowtown,” which makes sense, because of all the yummy Alberta beef that comes from the province.  Being that Calgary is the largest city in the province, it’s a fitting name.  However, I’ve always wondered why Toronto is called “Hogtown” (insert ‘Ontario people are pigs’ joke here??).  Anyways, apparently it comes from a history of having a lot of pork processing plants in the city.  Wow, that’s gross.  Anyone who has ever been to or through Brooks, Alberta (near Medicine Hat) can attest to the abslutely disgusting smell that comes from these plants.

I am getting ready to depart for the first of my three business trips over the next two months.  This one will take me to Toronto for the Nicholby’s convenience store training.  Apparently I will be spending some time at their head office in Unionville and some time at their main corporate store right downtown.  It should be interesting learning the in’s and out’s of their business, not to mention that I’ve never spent a considerable amount of time in downtown Toronto.  I’m looking forward to having some fun as well as working, and hopefully catching up with some friends and family as time permits.  The hotel at which I’m staying has their fitness centre and pool on the 27th floor, so I’m looking forward to that, too!

In weight-loss related news, I weighed in at 211.4 on Friday, bringing my total loss thus far to 108.6 pounds.  I can’t believe I may be mere weeks away from going under 200 pounds.  I have decided to make a “goal date” at which time I want to basically be “at goal.”  Now, being a realist, I like to make my big goals have two goal dates.  One allows for a little more time, but the closer one isn’t necessarily unattainable.  So my two dates are:  OPTIMAL is 20 May 2011 (for the May long weekend), and the longer goal is 1 July 2011 (happy birthday Canada).  Now I  say “basically” at goal because I have accepted the fact that I am going to need surgery to remove the large amount of excess skin that is being left as the fat leaves my body.  Thus,  my “goal weight” will not be fully reached until that happens.  My research seems to indicate that I can expect for that skin to account for about 10-20 pounds, making my pre-surgery goal weight approximately 190 pounds.  I am diligently saving money toward this surgery, as I have defined it as my number one medium-term goal.  It’s going to be very expensive (unless, by some miracle, I can get a doctor to convince Alberta Health that they should pay for it), but it’s what I want.  Some people think it’s vain, and to some degree it is.  Who knows, maybe when I reach goal and start building muscle, etc., I will find it’s not that bad.  That would save me serious money!  But at this point, all signs point to the knife.

We’re boarding (late, as usual)… bye for now!


~ by Kevin Wilson on January 16, 2011.

3 Responses to “Hogtown, here I come…”

  1. It’s not vain. It’s feeling the best you can feel in turn being the best you can be and if it takes that to feel the best then I say do it. Believe me…I will be needing a tummy tuck too and I don’t think it’s vain one bit! Especially because it just makes things fit right! 🙂 Way to go though!!!! I know you can do it going down this last little bit. It’s awesome. You are inspiring. Well have a blast in Toronto and we’ll see you when you get back 🙂

  2. Thats Awesome Kevin!! Just a year ago I was heavier than you are now! I agree with Amy. I dont think its vain at all. More power to you. Have fun in hogtown. Dont get married to anyone from there though. Then youll be hog-tied.

  3. Have an awesome time in Hogtown, Kevin. And who knows, as you keep on losing and adding muscle tone with your gym workout you may not need the knive after all – then you can use all that moola you saved on a different splurge to treat yourself!!! And definitely don’t get married in Hogtown, I just know there’s a bunch of cowgirls awaiting your return to Cowtown!!!!

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